My name is Roger Crouch and after serving 30 years as a Medic in the
Royal Air Force, and 12 years as National Training Manager for a
private training company, I decided that I needed a complete change of direction.
i.e. Live to live!

For the past 5 years I have been sharing my time between my pad in
South East Spain where I have a small villa, and the UK where I spend most of the summer months.

I have two great children, both now grown up, and since finding myself
single again I have spent a lot of time developing my love of painting.
Whilst I have always ‘painted for myself ’ it’s always a pleasure to hear that
someone else enjoys my paintings and even better if they want a copy.

My preference of subject lies in portraiture, animal or human, though lately I have been enjoying more figurative work of dancers and Spanish Senoritas, and my daughter Naomi, a professional dance teacher, is my best critic.

Local Spanish scenery is begging me to make greater efforts to capture its beauty and I suppose it
could be argued that in painting all these Latin Beauties, I need to get out more!

This is my first attempt at building a Web Site and It has taken a long time to get it up and running, in between settling up home and garden. I hope you like it and will forgive any inadequacies you may find.